What Employers Think, What Women Do in the Home Office – The Economy

By Helena Ott and Kathrin Werner

Home office – what now?

The new SZ series “Home Office – What Now?” highlights the good and bad about working from home, shows who is going through a particularly tough time at the home office, and describes how the world of work will change. You can find all episodes on this preview page.

February 2020, a year of parental leave was over, and Marina Bernardi was back in the office, ready to pick up where she left off. The interior designer immediately embarked on a major student residence project. One month later: the first confinement. Her one-year-old son’s daycare closed and Bernardi and her husband had to stop by the home office overnight to take turns looking after the child. “My boss wasn’t good at it,” said the 35-year-old. She doesn’t want to give her real name publicly because she fears for her job.

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