What Employees Should Consider When Working From Home – Economy

By Paulina Würminghausen

Home office – what now?

The new SZ series “Home Office – What Now?” highlights the good and bad about working from home, shows who is going through a particularly tough time at the home office, and describes how the world of work will change. You can find all episodes on this preview page.

The world of work is currently in upheaval because of the Corona. Rather more of a home office? Or less? Or go back to how it was before? Many companies still have to decide for themselves how they want their employees to work in the future. Before the corona pandemic, only about four percent of all employees did not work in the office. Those who worked at home were exotic at best. According to a survey by the career network LinkedIn, three quarters of employees now want to be flexible about their workplace. But there is no national regulation, the law does not even recognize the word home office, it is so outdated. “It was not so well established, the corona pandemic has overtaken the legal situation,” said lawyer Atilla von Stillfried, specializing in labor law.

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