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There were only a few minutes between the good news and the bad news on Monday. First, the Tübingen-based company Curevac reported progress with its second-generation corona vaccine, and then second-quarter and first-half financial results will follow via email: unlike competitor Biontech, whose vaccine has been injected since. December 2020 and earn billions, writes Curevac Losses.

The good news: Compared to CVnCoV, the first generation vaccine candidate, CV2CoV, the second generation, shows an improved immune response, it settles more quickly and has higher antibody titers and greater activation of blood cells. B and T memory cells are obtained, Curevac says and the British group Glaxo Smith Kline along with. They are together developing the second generation.

In the preclinical study in which the vaccine was tested on monkeys, the vaccine also achieved stronger neutralization of antibodies to all selected viral variants, including beta, delta and lambda mutants. Probably in the fourth quarter, the two companies want to enter the vaccine in clinical trials, then it would be tested in humans for the first time. Investors celebrated the news. At the start of trading on the US technology exchange Nasdaq, the share rose nearly nine percent to nearly $ 64, but then sold off.

The poor interim results of the first-generation vaccine caused a sharp drop in prices in mid-June. In clinical study 2b / 3 with 40,000 people tested and in “at least 13 viral variants”, CVnCoV showed an efficacy of only 47%. The end result at the end of June was hardly better. Curevac is still seeking approval for this vaccine from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), she said on Monday. As part of the ongoing approval process, underway since February, “complete clinical data dossiers” would continue to be submitted. Completion of data provision is expected towards the end of the third quarter. A “possible conditional approval request” is defined in the ongoing exchange with the EU authority.

In the first half of 2021, sales of the Tübingen-based company fell 14% to 32.4 million euros. Operationally, Curevac recorded a loss of 263.7 million euros after minus 26.4 million euros in the same period of the previous year. The company largely attributes the loss to higher research and development costs for CVnCoV. Before tax, the loss fell from 35.9 million over the same period last year to 264.4 million euros.

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