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The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry sees clear signs that the downward trend in the training market has stopped. A race to catch up is looming, said DIHK President Peter Adrian of the German News Agency in Berlin. “I am convinced that the situation in the training market will continue to improve this summer. But this can only be done gradually.”

The situation in the training market is still a challenge, said Adrian. “Companies are still unable to fill many apprenticeship positions as there are no applications. However, we are now seeing clear signs that the downward trend has stopped.” At the end of June, however, with a total of around 147,000 IHK training registered contracts in industry, commerce and services, we are 1.4% above the previous year. We are drumming on all channels and advertising for young people. “

The double formation is attractive, considers the president

Companies can now offer internships in companies. “This was the main problem with the pandemic, that companies and stakeholders could not get to know each other properly. It changed the situation.” Adrian pointed out how attractive the dual formation is. “Young people who start here form a solid and stable basis for their professional life. Those who later add a higher professional education degree will have the same lifetime income as comparable academics and, at the same time, their own money earned earlier. “Plus, it’s much easier today. to study after or even in parallel. “We – businesses, politics, educational institutions – need to convey all of this more effectively to young people and their parents in the future.”

The Federal Employment Agency announced in early July that 385,000 young people had then applied for an apprenticeship across the country, 32,000 less than a year ago. In contrast, training companies reported 468,000 vacant apprenticeship positions. In order to cushion the effects of the Corona crisis, the federal government had issued so-called trainee bonuses for companies. In most industries, training begins in August or September.

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