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Sven Zusatz, 46, worked for the Microsoft software group for seven years, then in 2014 he decided to start his own business. Together with IT expert Thomas Schwarz, Zusatz, who himself studied business administration, founded the IT company Smap-One. The goal: Employees of companies should be able to intuitively create applications using software and thus quickly and easily digitize individual business processes. “Digitization in Germany is far too slow. It actually needs more IT people and people who love digitization, ”says Zusatz.

Today, the company receives an additional 20 million euros from a group of investors around Nordwind Capital. Behind the Munich holding company are hiding important names who invest money in private. These include Paul Achleitner, chairman of the Deutsche Bank supervisory board, Bitkom boss Achim Berg, Olaf Berlien, the former CEO of lighting company Osram, Peter Löscher, long-time boss of Siemens and now chairman of the supervisory board of Telefónica Deutschland.

There is also FC Bayern Munich star and national football player Thomas Müller. Contacts are now to be established with the investors who support the company. Nordwind Capital will own 60 percent of the shares of Smap-One AG in the future, the rest will be held by the founders and two to three previous investors. There were also other interested parties, says Umschlag.

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Professional footballer Thomas Müller is one of the investors in the Munich subsidiary Nordwind Capital.

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With the additional capital, the company now wants to expand worldwide, currently employing 65 people, the number must now be doubled “in the short term”. The software is said to be “scalable”, you can use it in many industries and thus increase sales without making major additional investments. At present, only about ten percent of sales are made abroad. In the United States there are a number of competitors, Zusatz says, but there are very few in Europe. In 2020, the growth rate was 300% according to the supplement, during a pandemic, more and more companies want to digitize their processes.

It should be like playing with Lego: doing the right thing intuitively

Part of the acceptance of the Smap-One platform is that employees learn in a fun way how processes can be digitized, such as collecting data using forms or creating protocols. “With Smap-One, you don’t need any technical know-how, just the desire to learn,” says Sven Zusatz: “We see ourselves as helping people to help themselves.” It’s like playing with Lego, it’s also possible intuitively and doesn’t need to be learned. According to the company, customers currently also include large companies such as the housing company Vonovia or the logistics company Dachser. Large companies, midsize companies and small companies each own a third. So far, around 50,000 applications in total have been developed using the software. The company is currently established in Dresden, Hanover and Ulm.

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