The railway presents the new offer of the GDL train drivers’ union – economy

Deutsche Bahn is now presenting the GDL train drivers’ union with a new offer to avoid the impending strike in passenger transport at the last second. “There is no longer any reason to strike,” said Martin Seiler, director of human resources. The industrial action must be stopped. The railway wants to meet the central demands of the GDL. The union must give up its “blocking attitude” and come to the negotiating table. She had announced that the labor dispute would be extended from freight to passenger traffic Thursday morning at 2 a.m. and that it would end at 2 a.m. on Tuesday.

Deutsche Bahn now offers a corona premium of between 400 and 600 euros – depending on the pay group – and a collective agreement duration of 36 months. Until now, the railway had proposed a duration of 40 months and had not quantified the amount of the premium. The GDL had requested a 28-month delay. In addition, the railway offers 3.2 percent more pay in two stages. However, the two sides disagree on when these measures should enter into force. The GDL wants the first tariff level of 1.7% to be paid in the current year. Upon request, the union initially did not comment on the offer. Shortly before the offer was made known, the third strike in the ongoing collective bargaining cycle began in freight transport.

On Thursday night, trains are supposed to stop after freight, including long-distance traffic. The third strike and so far the longest in a few weeks is due to continue over the weekend and not end until Tuesday morning.

Even before the previous round of strikes last week, the public railway had promised a corona bonus and thus hoped to be able to avoid the labor dispute at the time. GDL boss Claus Weselsky rejected the initiative soon after and criticized, among other things, that the railway had not given a specific number. The maximum bonus of 600 euros now offered corresponds to the demands of the union.

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