The boss of Börlind Alicia Lindner: “We are embraced by the zeitgeist” – economy

By Christina Kunkel and Katharina Kutsche

Please turn right, says the navigation device in the middle of a residential area in Calw, about half an hour west of Stuttgart. Brief irritation – this is supposed to be a 200 employee company that ships to 30 countries? But it’s true: at the end of the street is the headquarters of Börlind-Naturkosmetik, founded in 1959 by Annemarie Lindner and Hermann Börner. Lindner, who died in 2016, is considered a pioneer in natural cosmetics and ran the GmbH until 1985. Two of her four grandchildren now run the family business in the Black Forest. Alicia Lindner, 32, used to make creams herself in the bathroom at home as a child. She always pities the people who had to clean it up afterwards, she said.

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