Tesla: moving from California to Texas – Economy

Elon Musk is moving the electric car manufacturer’s headquarters from California to Texas as employees can no longer afford apartments in Silicon Valley. About a region where normal workers are poor – and the rich are isolated.

By Jürgen Schmieder, Los Angeles

2066 Crist Drive, Los Altos. So it is he, the most famous garage in the world. That’s where Apple started, Steve Jobs once said of when he and Steve Wozniak tinkered and screwed up in that garage: “Two guys, Woz and I, and ten years later, Apple is a two billion dollar company. ” Sounds romantic, and it is: two boys are doing crafts in the garage because there is no room in the house and they cannot afford a workshop. At that time, Jobs was selling his VW bus, Wozniak his pocket calculator. They weren’t rich then, both of them. But it was all a long time ago.

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