Tempo 30 for everyone? Live debate on the future of cities – economy

Live from the SZ skyscraper from 11:30 am: Three mayors discuss how traffic, housing and recycling can become more sustainable.

The flood disaster has given sustainability a new urgency. At the SZ Thinking Sustainably Summit, representatives from politics, business and science will discuss whether and how business and sustainability as well as growth and the environment can be reconciled with to come up.

Local politicians play an important role in implementation – these are district administrators and mayors. It is you, as the decision-maker, who must ensure that the specifications are followed by concrete measures. Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter, Hof Mayor Eva Döhla and Ulf K Merger, Mayor of Kiel and representative of the German Association of Cities discuss these challenges in one round. Here you can follow the chat live, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

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Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter 2020 during a discussion in the SZ skyscraper.

(Photo: Stéphane Rumpf)

The debate centers on the effervescence of traffic: eight cities in Germany now want to prescribe 30 km / h throughout the territory. Is this a way for everyone? Is the congestion charge a way to reduce traffic? And what makes public transport more attractive? These are decisions that must be made now.

Another problem is housing, which became even more expensive in many German cities during the Corona period. Creating affordable living space is already a challenge for municipalities. But now there is an additional requirement that ecological criteria must also be taken into account. Doesn’t that lead to further price increases?

The topic of waste is also a central issue in cities. How can you actually implement strategies to avoid waste, what role can and should retailers play? This discussion also aims to show as specific examples as possible. Because sustainability concerns everyone.

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