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Actors on Telegram: Who Spreads Hate

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Wide coverage on Telegram: Schiffmann, Jebsen, Nerling, Naidoo

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Side thinkers, conspirators, rights: in the Telegram messaging service even dangerous content can reach enormous reach – for example in these channels.

By Sabrina Ebitsch and Berit Kruse

Ten thousand, one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand – there is no upper limit for Telegram channels. Although Telegram is officially a messaging service similar to Whatsapp, some players can reach as many people as mass media. This is particularly problematic as Telegram is largely unregulated and conspiracy, hate, and agitation can strike audiences unfiltered. In the #hassmessen data research, we feature leading figures from the side thinkers, conspirators, and the right-wing scene:

#Hassmessen data search

This article is part of the #hassmessen project. You can find the digital research report and other articles on the main topic here:

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