Teamviewer – only half the profit – saving

Software provider Teamviewer earned half as much in the last quarter as a year earlier due to significantly higher costs. The net profit between April and the end of June was 14.7 million euros, as the company announced on Tuesday in Göppingen. A year ago, the group, specializing in remote maintenance and videoconferencing software, earned 30.3 million euros. At that time, Teamviewer was enjoying a special high demand for home office solutions as part of the Corona crisis. Since then, the company has invested a lot of money in growth, which was reflected in higher costs for sales, marketing and development in the last quarter, among others. More recently, Teamviewer had made a name for itself in particular with sports sponsorship agreements with English football champions Manchester United and with Mercedes in Formula 1. With a few acquisitions, the company has also extended its applications to virtual realities (AR). , among others. The number of Teamviewer subscribers rose to 623,000 at the end of the second quarter, up 20,000 from three months earlier. “The next few months will be very important for us,” says company boss Oliver Steil optimistically. These are now the quarters in which Teamviewer can score again.

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