Tax return 2021: Those who can still save tax at the end of the year – saving

Tax class, allowances, special expenses: with the right spin before the end of the year, taxpayers can still deduct several hundred euros. The effort is low, the effect is great.

Millions of taxpayers have the opportunity to claim numerous deductions from the tax office by New Year’s Eve. Whether you are an employee, retired or self-employed: the trick is to tweak some adjustments in the last few meters of the year, anticipate expenses – or, better yet, postpone them until next year, because the help explains Bavarian tax on wages (Lohi). At best, it can save hundreds of dollars, says Christina Georgiadis of United Income Tax Aid (VLH). Anyone who now changes tax class, updates their allowances, spends money at the right time or not, will be rewarded by the tax office. The time required is low, the booster effect for the account is immense.

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