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“All the wheels stop when your strong arm wants them to,” he says in an old workers’ fight song that is once again relevant. Because the members of the GDL train drivers’ union have a strong arm. And the wheels are those of Deutsche Bahn. By Friday, only one in four long-distance trains will be running and there will also be severe restrictions on regional traffic. Hundreds of thousands of commuters, vacationers and other travelers are affected. For GDL boss Claus Weselsky, however, there is no other way. It demands a 3.2% increase in income and a corona allowance of 600 euros per month. For Deutsche Bahn, the strike is “totally inappropriate and excessive”.

In view of the break-ins caused by the Corona crisis, SZ editor-in-chief Alexander Hagel√ľken also considers the GDL’s demands to be inappropriate. The main goal of GDL is to expand its own power. They take advantage of their strong position in infrastructure. Weselsky wanted the most spectacular conclusion possible on the backs of taxpayers.

Other news: Off for free corona tests from October 11, 30 billion euros for reconstruction funds after the floods.

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