Switzerland – compulsory vaccination for flight crew – economy

The Swiss airline company Swiss introduces compulsory corona vaccination for its flight crew. The “compulsory Covid 19 vaccination” will apply from November 15, the Lufthansa subsidiary in Basel announced on Tuesday. The reason is the entry regulations specific to each country in the world, which also increasingly require vaccination for crews. For example, Hong Kong now requires crews in certain countries to provide proof of vaccination, including for flights departing from Switzerland. “The different management of vaccinated and unvaccinated crew members and the associated great complexity of operational planning would mean that orderly flight operations could no longer be assured in the long term,” said Swiss. Individual destinations and regions could no longer be served. In addition, different management leads to unequal treatment in terms of the availability of crew members. Swiss also wishes to fulfill its duty of vigilance towards its employees in the cockpit and cabin. .

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