Survey – shortage of materials in construction decreases – economy

Wood, steel, insulation: the shortage of materials on German construction sites has weakened somewhat. While in July a total of 48.8% of building construction companies complained of bottlenecks, in August it was only 42.2%, according to the Ifo Institute survey. published Monday. The situation has also eased somewhat in civil engineering. Here, 31.4% of companies were still suffering from missing products, after 33.9% the previous month. “The catastrophic floods in July triggered new faults locally,” said Felix Leiss, researcher at Ifo. “In August, information was received from North Rhine-Westphalia in particular that the events had exacerbated the shortage of equipment.” The proportion of companies concerned is now “significantly” higher than the German average. Researchers have yet to give the green light either. “Despite all the improvements, the overall supply remains very tight,” said Leiss. “Many preliminary products are still scarce and expensive, especially insulation materials and steel.”

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