Strike – railway makes offer – economy

Shortly before the planned five-day strike in Deutsche Bahn passenger traffic, the group approached the GDL train drivers’ union on Wednesday evening with a new offer. In the freight transport sector, the labor dispute of the German Locomotive Driver’s Union had already started. With the latest move, the group wants to at least prevent a strike in passenger traffic. Whether this would work was initially an open question. The union did not comment at first. “We meet the central requirements of GDL,” said Martin Seiler, personnel manager at Bahn. “There is no longer a reason for a strike of almost a week.” The GDL must give up its “blocking attitude” and come to the negotiating table.

The railway’s new offer includes a corona premium of up to 600 euros and provides for a collective agreement duration of 36 months. Until now, the railway had proposed a duration of 40 months and had not quantified the amount of the premium. Deutsche Bahn faces the problem of also having to keep an eye on the conclusion of its deals with the Union of Railways and Transport (EVG), which competes with the smaller GDL in the group for influence.

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