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Encouraging corporate balance sheets and the prospect of a prolonged glut of money boosted equity markets on Thursday. However, the new monetary policy outlook from the European Central Bank (ECB) did not give them any additional impetus. the Dax was 0.4% higher at 15,485 points in the afternoon.

Shares of Delivery Hero took the lead in the main German index, rising 6.8%. The food delivery service has an additional five months to sell its South Korean division. The separation from the company Yogiyo must now take place by January 2, 2022. The competition authorities had made this sale a condition of the multi-billion dollar takeover of South Korean leader Woowa. Siemens papers benefited from more than three percent of the strong sales of Swiss competitor ABB. The power company increased its forecast for the full year after a jump in profits. ABB gained 1.6 percent on the Zurich stock exchange.

After a good first half, commercial kitchen supplier Rational expects a faster recovery from the corona pandemic. This increased the paper in the M-Dax by a good four percent. Amadeus Fire stock, listed on S-Dax, has climbed to an all-time high of 171 euros at times after the personnel services provider significantly raised its forecast. More recently, newspapers were priced 5.4% higher at 164 euros. Online fashion retailer About You got off to a good start with many new customers and strong demand for new fashion collections and brands. Novice stock market stocks rose 1.1 percent. In Frankfurt, Biontech papers rose 3.3% to a record level. The biotech company’s coronavirus vaccine is almost as effective against the particularly infectious Delta variant as against the original type of the pathogen, according to one study.

Disappointing US labor market data weighed on the buying mood of US investors. Shortly after the start of the exchanges, the Dow jones 0.2 percent less. The chemical company Dow has significantly increased its profits. Adjusted operating income climbed to $ 3.6 billion from $ 757 million a year ago. Dow papers lost another 2.2 percent.

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