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Surprisingly strong job creation in the United States gave stock markets a boost on Friday. Of Dax closed up 0.2% at 16,054 points. Meanwhile, the leading index hit a record 16,084.90 points.

In October, 531,000 new jobs were created outside agriculture, while economists counted only 450,000. “The labor market situation continues to improve significantly,” summed it up. Helaba analyst Ralf Umlauf. The US Federal Reserve had made substantial progress in the job market as a precondition for dismantling the crisis aid it launched during the corona pandemic, which it is now gradually reducing.

Across Europe, the values ​​of the aviation sector have come up with force. At the head of the Dax, the shares of the engine manufacturer MTU increased by 6.5%, the shares of Airbus increased by 4.6%. Lufthansa shares gained 6.1% in M-Dax. The reason for the good humor in the industry was the news of an effective Covid-19 drug from Pfizer. According to a study, the drug from the American pharmaceutical company reduces the likelihood of dying from corona or needing to be hospitalized by 89%. This message, in turn, caused pharmaceutical stocks to plummet across Europe. In Dax, the papers of the laboratory equipment manufacturer Sartorius had exceeded 600 euros for the first time in its history before the news, but were then resold. In the end, they were the biggest losers in the leading index with a decline of 7.8%. Sartorius has recently experienced a real boom in orders from manufacturers of corona vaccines and Covid-19 tests. Corona drugs could have a negative impact on the business of the company. In the M-Dax, Varta’s headlines rushed to the basement. Shares of the battery maker have temporarily lost more than 23% of their value due to disappointing trade numbers and lower targets. The pessimistic outlook is weighing on investor confidence in the company, said Michael Punzet, analyst at DZ Bank. Strong employment data and news about the corona drug from Pfizer also helped U.S. stock exchanges set records. So the rose Dow jones topped by one percent at 36,484 points. Pfizer shares jumped more than ten percent.

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