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The prospect of a solution to the debt dispute in the United States and an improvement in trade relations between the two great economic powers, the United States and China, once again rekindled sentiment in the European stock market. . Of Dax recovered from recent losses Thursday and gained 1.4 percent to 15,179 points in the afternoon. “Now it will be exciting to see if further price hikes are sustainable and lay the groundwork for a Christmas rally or if price hikes will immediately be seen as a selling opportunity again,” the portfolio manager said. Thomas Altmann of asset manager QC Partners.

First of all, it was a relief that US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping were able to agree on a virtual meeting in principle. Separately, a compromise proposal from the Republicans is on the table in the debt ceiling dispute. On the other hand, the negative impulses came from new economic data. German industry produced four percent less in August compared to the previous month.

Among the individual stocks of the Dax, BMW was one of the first with a more than 2.8%. The automaker cushioned semiconductor shortages in the third quarter better than its competitor Mercedes-Benz. In M-Dax, the shares of Varta were in high demand with an over 7.7 percent. The tech company has confirmed plans to build V4Drive lithium-ion cells for battery-electric vehicles. A day after the forecast was lowered, investors continued to punish Teamviewer: shares of the software provider fell seven percent to an all-time high. The new earnings warning, just about two months after a forecast was confirmed, was another negative surprise, according to analyst firm EquiTS. It has remained eventful for investors in the real estate company Adler Group. Trading has been halted several times, and newspapers at times have fallen 8.6%. A negative report by Viceroy on UK investor and short seller Fraser Perring had already plunged stocks by 26% on Wednesday.

On Wall Street it increased Dow jones at the start of trading 1.1 percent to 34,783 points.

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