Stocks – Dax hits record high – economy

With a little delay, he has Dax hit a record high on Thursday after the release of US inflation data. The leading index climbed to 15,887 points during trading and closed 0.4% higher at 15,826 points than ever before. The M-Dax was slightly in the red, while the S-Dax also climbed a new record. Investor fear of excessive inflation in the United States has faded. The pressure on the Fed to act has not increased, but neither has it diminished, said portfolio manager Thomas Altmann of asset manager QC Partners. The quarterly reports have particularly influenced the stock market events in this country. Germany’s largest electricity supplier Eon has raised its forecast. The first half profit was also better than expected, said one trader. Eon stock recently rose half a percent.

Thyssenkrupp led the losers of M-Dax. The securities of the industrial group collapsed to 7.7%. The steel giant shocked investors by revising its free cash flow forecast. Due to restructuring costs, there will be a cash gap of up to € 1.5 billion before mergers and acquisitions in the current year. Expectations weren’t high, but the outlook weighs on the stock, traders said. The Hella papers recorded losses of four percent. Offers for the automotive supplier are likely to be lower than the previously advertised price, depending on the market.

Aurubis shares rose 2%. The focus was always on the future of the copper group’s flat rolling division. Aurubis announced plans to sell on Monday, and pricing information has now followed. Real estate values ​​were sought after by investors. In M-Dax, LEG, Grand City Properties and TAG were among the favorites with price increases of up to 2.2%. Rising rents in metropolitan areas gave TAG new impetus in the first six months.

Freed from their inflationary fears, American investors dared to continue their record momentum. the Dow jones climbed 0.6% to an all-time high of 35,491 points, the S&P 500 also set a new high of 4,449 points.

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