Stock market – Dax breaks records – economy

Weaker and weaker fears of impending rate hikes have drawn investors to the stock markets. Supported by new highs on Wall Street the day before, European stock markets have also embarked on a record hunt: Dax closed Thursday up 0.4% to 16,030 points and therefore higher than ever. Europe’s main Euro-Stoxx-50 index rose half a percent to a fourteen-year high. The signals from the US Federal Reserve the night before were popular with investors. As expected, the Fed is starting to pull back from its securities purchases, which it initiated to stimulate the economy – known as tapering. But the Fed wants to take its time with rate hikes.

Numerous turnovers have caused movements in the stock markets. Deutsche Post shares rose 3%. Thanks to the growth of the parcel and express business, the group has set itself more ambitious objectives. Lanxess shares, however, fell after a 7.5% earnings warning. High energy and freight costs are a bit more cautious, he said. Shares of Siemens Healthineers were in demand with a two percent price increase. The billion dollar business with rapid antigen testing helped the medical technology company achieve record sales and profits in fiscal year 2020/21.

Investors kicked Heidelberg-Cement out of deposits after rising energy costs squeezed profits for the building materials maker. Newspapers fell 3.2 percent. At a time when supply chains are continually disrupted, chemical distributor Brenntag is capitalizing on its global presence and has seen increases in sales and profits. However, Brenntag was unable to score on the stock exchange with the news: stocks recently listed in the benchmark Dax index fell 2.6%, making him one of the biggest losers in the index. reference. A takeover offer from a Canadian investor for office property owner Alstria Office sent stocks skyrocketing. They jumped 17.3% to a record level. Other real estate values ​​also rose in the wake of Alstria, so that the European sector index rose by 2.3%. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones traded 0.2% less at 36,072 points mid-term.

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