Shortage of chips – bottlenecks Traton burden – economy

Truckmaker Traton is feeling the lack of chips and is in the mood for lower sales in the second half of the year. Third-quarter sales are expected to be significantly lower than expected, the Volkswagen subsidiary said. A similar development is expected for the fourth quarter. A prognosis for the time after that could not be given, he said. On the stock market, shares have sometimes lost more than three percent. Above all, the increase in corona infections in Malaysia and the lockdown that followed made the supply of fleas much more difficult, Traton said. “But currently there is not only a shortage of semiconductors in global supply chains, there are also many other products missing,” said Traton boss Matthias Gr√ľndler. All brands are affected to varying degrees by bottlenecks. Traton includes Scania, MAN, VW Commercial Vehicles and Navistar.

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