Service restaurant in Ostholstein focuses on robotic economy

A robot with food has been rolling around a restaurant in the Baltic Sea resort of Grömitz for a few days. The machine could, for example, reduce the walking distance between the kitchen and the dining room and thus relieve the staff, said innkeeper Tim Bornewasser. The robot looks like a vertical serving cart with four trays, at the top it has a display that looks like a cat’s head. The robot uses a female voice that can play various sayings, for example: “Here is your food.” If the path is blocked, he says: “May I pass, please”. The robot brings used dishes back to the kitchen. Service, taking orders and clearing tables are all performed by human colleagues. “I got the idea to buy the robot when many service employees turned their backs on catering during the Corona crisis,” says innkeeper Bornewasser. According to him, the service robot cost around 20,000 euros. “He doesn’t need a vacation for that, never gets sick and can theoretically be on duty seven days a week. I guess it will pay for itself after 120 days,” he says.

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