Retirement pension: Thinking about retirement at 20 – economics

By Helena Ott

Take the right steps now

At the end of the month there is no more money in the account, at least most of the time. Melanie Michalczak earns 350 euros per month. She is doing a voluntary social year in an institution for disabled young people, after which she would like to study social pedagogy in Heidelberg. If she has money to spare, she sets it aside for small purchases. The 20-year-old does a lot of sports, so she would like to buy an Apple Watch. But except for old age, from what? Mélanie Michalczak also “doesn’t want to have to pull the trigger”, as she says, but also wants to go for a drink with friends without having to look at the money. Retirement planning does not yet play a role in his life. “But you can tell the pension is getting smaller and smaller,” she says.

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