Raw materials: why their handling must fundamentally change – economics

The land is rich in raw materials. But people need to learn to be more responsible with them. About a change that will demand a lot from society, the economy and politics.

By Silvia Liebrich

New series: “Raw materials of the future”

What resources will be important in the future? And how to use them in a fair and sustainable way? The Süddeutsche Zeitung examines these and other questions in a new series.

There is no other criterion that sums up the state of the earth as briefly and as clearly as World Creation Day. Thursday, July 29, the time had come again: about five months before the end of the year, humanity had exhausted all the biological resources that the earth can restore in a year and thus provide sustainably. Industrialized countries like Germany make a major contribution to this. If everyone in the world lived like German citizens, the Earth limit would have been reached on May 5, environmentalists calculate.

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