Rail workers’ strike continues – Deutsche Bahn fails in court – economy

Even in the second instance, the company does not get the right, the strike of the GDL train drivers’ union is legally permitted. Their boss, Weselsky, is calling on the federal government to bring the company “to its senses”.

In the dispute between Deutsche Bahn and the German Train Drivers’ Union (GDL), the Hessian State Labor Court ruled that the strike was legal and could be continued. This means that the railway did not, in second instance, initiate legal proceedings against the strike by the train drivers.

By way of an injunction, the company wanted to ensure that the labor dispute, which had been declared until Tuesday, should have been ended. He argued that the GDL had called for illegal strike targets; In addition, the train drivers carried out an illegal strike in support of the other railway workers. At first instance, however, the Frankfurt Labor Court ruled on Thursday that the union’s demands were legitimate. The railway had appealed. The GDL continued the strike on Friday.

And it will continue to be done, said GDL boss Claus Weselsky in an initial reaction. “We are not going to end the labor dispute prematurely,” he said, saying it is not possible to dictate the duration of the strike. Weselsky said now the federal government must “bring the top management to reason” – the railroad is owned by the federal government.

They accuse the trade unionists of a “blockade attitude”. All calls from the judges to reach an out-of-court settlement had ricocheted at the GDL, a company spokeswoman said. “Dictation is not working, we have to negotiate.” One of them is now also examining a claim for damages against GDL. At the same time, the railroad said it would increase capacity around the weekend. In long-distance traffic, 30% of trains will then be moving, currently it is around 25%.

The national strike by train drivers in passenger traffic began at 2 p.m. Thursday. With the strike scheduled for more than five days in the ongoing collective bargaining round at Deutsche Bahn, the GDL wants to press its demands for a total of 3.2% more money over a 28-month period and one corona premium of 600 euros.

The parties notably discussed a clause with which the GDL wants to enforce its collective agreements also for members who work in companies in which the competing union EVG is in fact the majority. According to the court, this clause should be empty, but it does not make the entire strike call ineffective. Labor judges also checked whether the train drivers were leading an illegal strike in support of other railway workers. They did not allow a review.

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