Rail strikes could continue – economy

The federal government is giving rail travelers no hope of ending the labor dispute quickly. “I fear that it will be difficult to defuse it in the short term,” warned Enak Ferlemann, representative of Deutsche Bahn. The reason is that the GDL Train Drivers’ Union is formally interested in wages, but in reality in political goals, such as the collective bargaining law or the development of the railway. She also wanted to separate the rail network from the group. “These are political goals that you can’t really hit on,” the CDU politician said. He called on everyone to come to the negotiating table quickly. “Although I tend to think it’s difficult.” Ferlemann suspects “there will be a longer argument”. GDL’s strike hit holidaymakers and rush hour traffic on Thursday, day two, but is expected to end on Friday evening. The GDL was optimistic that traffic would return to normal on Friday. The railroad had recently offered the union two-stage wage increases: 1.5% on January 1, 2022 and 1.7% on March 1, 2023, with a term until the end of June 2024. This is not enough for the GDL: he demands earlier salary increases, a shorter duration and a corona bonus of 600 euros. The GDL does not want to strike on weekends. Other labor disputes are to be discussed in the coming week.

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