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The president of the German Federation of Trade Unions, Reiner Hoffmann, strongly criticizes the behavior of the train drivers’ union. Employees should not be pitted against each other.

The president of the Federation of German Trade Unions (DGB), Reiner Hoffmann, criticized the behavior of the GDL train drivers’ union during the railway strike and called on the GDL to return to the negotiating table. “What we see critically is that here a professional group like the train driver is asserting its special interests against the general interests of all other railway employees,” said Hoffmann of the Rheinische Post. Groups of employees in a company should not be pitted against each other.

“So far the GDL has only been able to negotiate collective agreements in 16 of the more than 300 railway companies in total, the largest transport union DGB EVG is responsible for all the others. Along with Mr. Weselsky and the GDL , this is pure survival, ”said the DGB-Boss. It is up to the two unions to conclude a collective agreement with the railways. Deutsche Bahn again failed on Friday to ban strikes planned by the GDL union in court until Tuesday morning.

After the defeat at the Frankfurt Labor Court on Thursday evening, the Hessian State Labor Court also rejected the railway’s urgent request. The state-owned company accuses the union not only of trying to obtain better working conditions with the strike, but also of pursuing political goals. The railroad has called on the GDL to renegotiate, while the union, for its part, is demanding an improved offer from the group.

There were also massive failures on Friday, the second day of the strike. According to Deutsche Bahn, around 75% of long-distance trains were at a standstill. In regional and S-Bahn traffic, around 60 percent of trains were canceled compared to the normal schedule. This weekend, Deutsche Bahn wants to use additional trains to reduce the number of breakdowns.

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