Premium Aerotec: IG Metall is ready to fight – economy

IG Metall in Bavaria fears the complete end of the Premium Aerotec plant in Augsburg and has announced difficult disputes with Airbus. Employees have no choice but to take to the streets, said Bavarian IG Metall boss Johann Horn of Augsburger Allgemeine. Concretely, this is the subsidiary of Airbus Premium Aerotec: There is a split and a possible sale in the room. Horn said: “So we are going to fight Premium Aerotec on the streets. What else should we do? We were ready to compromise, even downsizing – and yet Airbus is sticking to it. collapse of the business. “

In the spring, Airbus announced extensive plans to reorganize aircraft production in Germany and France. This includes the spin-off of a new unit based in Germany, which is to focus on the production of spare parts and small components. In addition to Augsburg, plans for the spare parts business also mainly concern the Varel site in Lower Saxony.

At the end of June, the director of operations of Airbus Michael Schöllhorn defended the decision to use Premium Aerotec: “The company has been accumulating losses for twelve years. (…) These losses amount to billions”, he had then declared. “In view of the huge investments that we have to raise in hydrogen technology, for example, we cannot afford these losses,” said the Airbus official. “We cannot continue like this in Augsburg or other high-end Aerotec locations.”

In Augsburg, around 2,200 of the 2,800 employees of Premium Aerotec work in the production of spare parts. Airbus’ attitude is incomprehensible, there is a concept to avoid the breakup, Horn said. “But the managers are not impressed by this. They want to dismantle the company and thus endanger jobs. Eventually, production will be relocated to Eastern Europe. It is not excluded that this could be the case. long-term end of the Premium Aerotec plant in Augsburg. “

The spokesperson for economic policy of the Land SPD parliament, Annette Karl, criticized: “The lack of will to negotiate on the part of the management of the company is totally incomprehensible. These are qualified employees. “In the same breath, dismantling entire swathes of the economy and at the same time constantly complaining about a shortage of skilled labor, does not fit together and seems almost cynical.”

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