Portrait of Amazon video game boss Christoph Hartmann – economy

Christoph Hartmann’s job is like coaching the national team or the captain of a spaceship: incredibly awesome, but it can also turn out the other way around. He’s responsible for video games at Amazon – and has survived a few dips before.

By J├╝rgen Schmieder, Los Angeles

Of course, you can imagine Christoph Hartmann on the deck of the USS Enterprise, and after a few minutes you also know what character this wonderfully relaxed guy who is responsible for the video game division of the Amazon group would be. He certainly wouldn’t be Mister Spock, who utters phrases like these on the spacecraft ahead of the adventures: “The probability that we both will be killed on this expedition is 2228.7: 1.” He would be the one to get this information from Spock and then tell Chief Engineer Scotty that one of them should teleport to this unknown planet regardless of any statistical predictions. Hartmann would be with long gray hair and pointed boyish eyes: Captain Kirk.

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