Poll – US businesses call for reform – Economy

American companies in Germany demand reforms from the new federal government. Politicians must develop ideas that promote innovations and German competitiveness in the long term and in a sustainable manner, said Simone Menne, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany. “The focus should be on climate change, digital transformation and managing the economic and social consequences of the corona pandemic.” Setting the course for US businesses to continue investing is critical. In a survey of the 50 U.S. companies with the highest revenue in Germany, they rated the location a 2.4, significantly lower than in 2020 when they rated the location of 1.9. Measures taken during the pandemic such as short-time working benefits, the rescue plan for the self-employed and medium-sized businesses, the extra money for families and the aid to artists were welcomed. In contrast, American companies saw a need to catch up on government investments and the digitization of administration. The most important transatlantic issues for companies are climate protection and the elimination of tariffs.

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