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Until recently, German airports only provided images of a vacuum. Neither the usual long lines in front of security checkpoints nor the many departures and arrivals on notice boards were visible. From the perspective of airlines and airports, it was a nightmare come true.

But at least for the start of the summer holidays, which will also start in Hesse next weekend and thus affect Lufthansa’s most important hub in Frankfurt, the good old days are back for a bit. And because the corona pandemic continues to complicate travel, it also means a few new issues: vaccination and test certificates need to be presented or, when in doubt, testing needs to be done quickly, a lot of things take a bit longer. of time. It will be the same in Munich at the start of the Bavarian summer holidays at the end of July.

At the start of the Hessian holiday, Lufthansa is now expecting around 76,000 passengers in Frankfurt for the coming weekend. At 192, the number of destinations is above the summer 2019 level, and capacity is now 55% per week, and according to the airline, the trend is on the rise. It’s true that Fraport boss Stefan Schulte recently pointed out in an interview with SZ that the chaos dreaded by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has yet to materialize in Frankfurt. But Lufthansa prefers to play it safe: passengers need to arrive at the airport earlier than usual and prepare well – but they don’t give exact times.

No bad surprise

The main part of the preparation is having all the digital vaccination, test or recovery certificates ready. Lufthansa offers its passengers to have evidence checked up to 72 hours before departure in the service center in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises shortly before departure. She also advises her guests to print them out and take them with them for added security. In some cases, the regulations for the return trip are also complicated, as at least self-tests are often required again.

There is now a queue for checked baggage in Frankfurt, where passengers can also take a Covid-19 test – all from 23 hours before departure. If possible, they should also check their hand baggage in order to expedite boarding.

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