Partial Sale: What Homeowners Should Look For – Economy

Selling part of your own house, living there again, and finally having enough money for the finer things in life – that sounds like a good deal. But for whom? What owners need to know.

By Thomas Öchsner

Some seniors want one thing above all else: they want to enjoy their retirement at home within their own four walls – an old tree, as an old saying goes, you don’t transplant it. Many retirees can afford it too. About 60 percent of all people over 65 in Germany live in their own home. And three-quarters of these seniors may be lucky that their condominium or house is now paid off and that they are no longer in debt. Even so, you may not have enough money in your account. That they don’t have the money for the long-awaited cruise, a holiday apartment on Lake Garda or, for example, home care. So what to do

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