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In the Stromberg series, to which in no way should the inflationary term “cult” be attached, but should in fact do so because the ensemble around Christoph Maria Herbst so perfectly satirizes gray everyday German office life , they are the only touch of color: The plants. They filter the ambient air, produce oxygen and also have a positive effect on the psyche. After all, people are drawn to the countryside, and if you can hide behind the creeping philodendron of the boss looking for volunteers for the weekly service, so much the better.

But how do office factories winter when employees are slowly coming back to the home office due to increasing corona counts? Gardener Max Poller knows what to do. “If you leave your place, you should make the plants as light as possible.” The most popular office plants, including hemp, yucca palm and rubber, cannot be damaged by the mild winter sun – on the contrary, sufficient light is one of the two main factors that affect them. allow to pass.

The other is as surprising as a grumpy mask in an organic store: water. Plants should be watered at least once a week, depending on size and type, or even twice. The popular weeping fig, also known as Ficus benjamini, is particularly susceptible. “It quickly loses its leaves when it dries,” says Poller, who worked for the Seebauer garden center for 13 years and has managed to become head of the garden plants department. Figuratively, not in the botanical sense, the ficus is quite a mimosa. The related rubber tree would be more resistant. Much like hemp and the yucca palm, this one still has the best chance of surviving 10-14 days without water.

Only at some point will even the most frugal plant want at least some water. Whoever takes care of it at the end of the day, Poller says, “usually has to be worked out by the employees themselves.” There are already one or two employees per department, let’s call them the green soul of every office, making sure that the green lungs keep pumping. One can only hope that these colleagues of all people do not have to come to the home office now. Because the bosses who buy plants for the office are sometimes strict, reports Poller: “I have already heard: if she dies, there will be no news.

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