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The xHamster porn platform has a good look at what people like. The result: the sex people want to watch on the Internet is on the one hand less harsh, and search terms like “gangbang” are becoming less and less popular. On the other hand, there is a fetish for recordings that have been made in secret, for example with a hidden camera. “Exposed” or “Hidden Cam” are increasingly popular search terms. “Interest in amateur and home-made content has increased dramatically,” xHamster reported. This includes “natural” bodies and “authentic situations (such as public sex or voyeuristic content)”.

What the company communicates here in a quasi-social way, however, has an important component that it does not mention: with this type of pornography, there are victims. Usually it is women who have unwittingly become the object of lust for strangers. One of them is Anna Naked. It’s not really called that, but she chose the name for the public and also founded an organization of the same name that helps victims of image-based abuse online. Unfortunately, there aren’t really reliable figures on how often women are victimized by people posting nude photos or videos to the internet without their knowledge or against their will, says Nackt. But she estimates, based on research from other countries like Australia, that one in five women is affected.

All five. There are hundreds of thousands of women. Yet hardly anyone talks about this type of violence. This is because many women are embarrassed to go public with their story. And that many politicians on the one hand underestimate the subject and on the other hand do not want to become big supporters of naked women. But it’s the job of politics to step in and protect those affected – and now.

A representative survey in all EU countries on behalf of the Hate Aid organization and the Alfred Landecker Foundation has just revealed that 30% of women fear that stolen or falsified nude photos of them will be published on the Internet. Every year, people report 3,000 incidents to the UK government funded hotline for victims of Revenge Porn.

It happened to Anna two and a half years ago. On March 18, 2019, a school friend contacted her and pointed out that he had found pictures of her naked on a porn platform. “At first, I had the impression that the ground was torn from under my feet,” says the thirty-something. “It was a feeling of serious loss of control.” Even more than the shame that came later, she was afraid that these photos would never disappear from the internet, that someone could take them and send them to family, friends, employers, anyone who know them can see them.

She had the photos erased, and soon after they reappeared

She immediately went out of her way to have the photos deleted. But how should it work? She didn’t know anything about porn platforms and their rules. “There are not enough offers of support,” she said. With some porn platforms the removal was successful quickly, with others it took weeks. But even if they were deleted, they often reappeared soon after. Users had downloaded them to their computers and then downloaded them again. Anna’s fight never ends. Today, she thinks someone stole the photos from her Dropbox and blames herself for storing such sensitive data in the cloud.

She is currently fighting for pornographic platforms to be more strictly regulated, in particular through the law on digital services, on which the European Union is currently working. Anna Nackt, along with other organizations, calls on the EU to force platforms, among other things, to remove website content within the day if it is flagged, and to employ more people to verify images and videos at looking for potential violations of the law. . In addition, the police and the judiciary must be better trained.

Porn platforms need stricter rules, women are not allowed to become fair game online. This week, the European Parliament addresses the subject of Internet regulation. The fetish of secretly photographed nude photos must also be on the agenda.

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