NRW casinos: why Merkur takes over state casinos – economy

By Jan Diesteldorf and Benedikt Müller-Arnold, Frankfurt / Düsseldorf

In ancient Rome, Mercury was the god of merchants, but also that of thieves and profit. The name of the planet Mercury comes back to him, no other is so close to the center of the Milky Way, no one turns so quickly around the sun. Paul Gauselmann named his company, one of Europe’s most powerful gaming groups, after this star. Hailing from the Westphalian provincial town of Espelkamp, ​​the 86-year-old entrepreneur has formed a gaming empire since the 1950s that has had no equivalent in Germany for a long time. The logo: a laughing yellow sun on its own gaming rooms, shining on the Merkur slot machines that adorn Düsseldorf’s football stadium, the “Merkur-Spielarena”.

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