Ministry of Economic Affairs – companies reimburse corona aid – economy

Many companies have voluntarily reimbursed Corona emergency aid. The competent authorities of the Länder had informed the Federal Ministry of the Economy that they had “demanded reimbursements of 322 million euros and that, moreover, voluntary reimbursements of 911 million euros” had been made, according to a report. spokesperson for the ministry. Previously, the Bild had spoken about it on Sunday. The reasons for the reimbursement of Corona emergency aid are diverse: “In particular, at the time of the application, the companies had anticipated greater liquidity bottlenecks for the three-month funding period than they expected. eventually happened, so the appropriate reviews and refunds are now pending. “The final reports of the federal states on the use of Corona emergency aid are expected to be submitted by June 30, 2022. The issue of reimbursement of Corona emergency aid falls within the sole competence of the Länder. The emergency aid was the first small business aid payment from spring 2020.

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