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Sexual assault in the workplace: the metoo problem in the German economy

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Illustration: Stefan Dimitrov

Suggestive proverbs in the office, hands on ass in a meeting, invitations to a schnitzel fellatio day by e-mail, the anecdotes are numerous and show that sexual assault at work is systematic.

By Thomas Fromm, Max H├Ągler, Christina Kunkel, Meike Schreiber and Kathrin Werner

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The older top manager had been watching the younger colleague for a long time. The next “Schnitzel and Blowjob Day” was very useful to him. Instead of Valentine’s Day, reserved for women with chocolates, flowers and romantic gadgets, it should be a party for men with exactly the things men dream of, announced the initiators of “Schniblo Day” which has chosen the month of March. There is also an info-pdf to print and hang, t-shirts and a website with suggestive images. The director of the German branch of a large international company sent such a photo, above a woman with her mouth wide open for oral sex, to his colleague’s service email address, which was significantly more young and significantly lower in the corporate hierarchy. And he provided the image with a saying: “Come on then.”

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