Meng Wanzhou: solution found in US case against Huawei CFO – economy

The investigations against the manager have caused serious disruption between the United States, China and Canada, where Meng was arrested in late 2018. Washington accuses him of evading sanctions against Iran.

The US case against Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, which has been going on for years, must be settled by agreement with the US Department of Justice. The two sides agreed on the deal in New York City court. Meng has been stuck in Canada since the end of 2018. US authorities now wish to withdraw the extradition request to the United States. The deal could pave the way for Meng’s return to China.

Huawei chief financial officer and daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei was arrested in December 2018 at the instigation of U.S. authorities in Vancouver, Canada. The US government accused her, among other things, of circumventing sanctions against Iran. Meng has resisted extradition to the United States in the long process. She had always claimed her innocence and accused the authorities of having violated her rights during her arrest. She also declared herself innocent in court on Friday. In Beijing, the process has been described as part of US President Donald Trump’s trade war with China.

Specifically, Meng was accused of misrepresenting the relationship between Huawei and tech company Skycom during a presentation for UK bank HSBC in 2013, which put the bank at risk of violating US sanctions against it. Iran. Huawei and Meng deny this. Previous talks about a deal with prosecutors have failed, according to US media, partly because Meng did not want to admit any wrongdoing.

Prosecutors said the proceedings would initially be suspended and then halted if Meng adheres to the terms of the deal. Meng in particular pledged Friday not to contradict the representation of individual facts by the American side. You are in a multi-page “investigation” that was not initially made public. Meng again declared himself innocent in court. The deadline for which the procedure will be suspended runs until December 1, 2022, he said at the hearing.

The case has implications for international relations beyond Huawei. Shortly after Meng’s arrest, China arrested two Canadian businessmen. In August, one of them was convicted of espionage and obtaining state secrets and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Canada has condemned the prison sentence. Relations between the governments of Beijing and Ottawa have generally been strained since Meng’s arrest. For example, China has imposed import restrictions on rapeseed oil and other products from Canada. At least three Canadian drug traffickers have also been sentenced to death in the People’s Republic.

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