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Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder paid tribute to his role model Franz Josef Strauss in his youth and did not take to the streets. But he’s familiar with twists and turns and tactical volts: As a young CSU member in the state parliament, he was berated by his secretary general in the 1990s for demanding that his party go greener, after all. , ecology is now a problem. the social center.

Since then, Söder has been as versatile politically as his famous disguises at the Veitshöchheim carnival: from Secretary General to Minister of the Environment to Minister of Finance, the Franconian has held various positions and has always changed his political position. Yet: ecology has accompanied him.

When people voted to protect bees two years ago, he shared the cause, which surprised many CSU members. His favorite political partner is Green Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann – who also applies it backwards. And now he even sees himself with Bavaria at the forefront of the green movement – at least as far as the plans go: Bavaria is expected to become climate neutral from 2040. How it should work and how it handles resistance is explained Söder from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. live of the SZ-Summit “Thinking economically sustainably”.

Immediately after, chat in the live stream 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. Luisa Neubauer by Fridays for Future and Joe Kaeser, member of the supervisory board of Siemens Energy. The fact that Kaeser and Neubauer even met was perhaps not so obvious. Because there are actually worlds between Kaeser, 64, who joined Siemens in 1980 and was CEO in Munich until the beginning of this year. And Luise Neubauer, 25, climate protection activist and close companion of the initiator of Fridays for Future Greta Thunberg. Kaeser and Neubauer, one might say, are not only distant in terms of age.

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Fridays for Future activist Luisa Neubauer visited Siemens in Berlin in January 2020. Today she meets again Joe Kaeser, who no longer runs the company.

(Photo: Soeren Stache / dpa)

But things turned out differently when the dispute over a Siemens contract to build a massive coal mine in Australia erupted. Basically not even a big deal, it was signaling systems for the trains that are supposed to carry the coal from the mine to the next port. But important enough to be able to say it: Siemens is involved in a project that critics consider anything but contemporary. Climate protection activists called on Munich to call off the deal, and Kaeser said he would review the order – in the end, the $ 18million plan was honored. And Luisa Neubauer tweeted in January 2020: “Today, Mr. Kaeser spoke out against the Paris Agreement, against those affected around the world, against future generations and finally against Siemens’ reputation for climate protection. . A historic bad decision. There will be more protests. “

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Siemens boss at the time, Joe Kaeser, offered Luisa Neubauer a seat on the supervisory board, but she refused.

(Photo: Soeren Stache / dpa)

There were protests, but there was also a surprising twist: Kaeser offered Neubauer a seat on the supervisory board of the subsidiary Siemens Energie. “I want young people to be able to take an active part,” Kaeser said. “The conflict between young and old must be resolved.” Tactical flip-flop or serious offer? Either way, Neubauer reacted diplomatically – he declined the offer, but suggested filling the Scientists for Future scientist position.

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