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Mark Zuckerberg might be a hookah smoker caterpillar right now. Or a white knight talking backwards. Or Alice in Wonderland, three meters high. But he wants to be Mark Zuckerberg, so the avatar in his VR metaverse looks exactly like him, including black jeans and a black sweater. Psychologically, it can be incredibly healthy if someone just wants to be themselves with limitless possibilities; However, that takes all the magic away from what the Facebook founder and boss of Meta (he renamed the company) presented.

Zuckerberg showed how people can escape reality in virtual reality, and it’s more opium to the people than religions have ever been. If at some point in the future we meta-clients live in 15 square meter cabins due to the prices of unaffordable housing that is in caves due to the almost uninhabitable nature of the planet due to the climate change, and we get rationed food: Would it be nice to be able to pretend life was still a little fun in virtual reality?

Okay, that sounds dystopian. But who can blame you for what Zuckerberg presented over the 17 years on Facebook – and what ultimately came out of it?

This is not about the past and the meta-future of Facebook, but virtual reality in general. It’s been the subject of the buzz in Silicon Valley for a few years now, the next big thing because it could replace that other big thing that has shaped, determined, even enslaved our lives in recent years: the screen, the computer to laptop to phone.

The virtual world cannot replace real experiences

Anyone who has tried virtual reality has experienced some fascinating things: how to box someone in the virtual world and sweat on the couch in real life. How shameful it can be to experience VR porn (the industry is always at the forefront of technical disruption). It’s great to pretend with a friend in your forties like you’re sitting on the edge of the court together playing basketball. Or to look like you’re sitting in an artist’s living room at a concert. Or stand on the edge of a volcano that has just erupted.

Everything was great. But in Zuckerberg’s vision, these were just kid’s stuff – much like chat rooms, nude photo websites, and streaming radio were just gimmicks that made a lot of people think. ‘The Internet was short-lived nonsense. Anyone who follows Zuckerberg’s presentation again and ignores the fact that even under the influence of magic mushrooms, Zuckerberg can only be imagined as, well, Mark Zuckerberg: With this so-called metaverse, by which is meant virtual space collective, total immersion. But is it really cool, especially considering what many have been going through in the past few months?

Zuckerberg’s example is a concert in LA that someone can attend from Tokyo. Sure, that’s cool – and sure enough people in Tokyo can buy goods. But anyone who’s spent a few months in isolation knows how nice it can be to be sweaty over beer at a DJ Steve Aoki show – and get goosebumps because the person next to you. you touches your own forearm and indicates, maybe interested in a kiss. Or see a real person in a bar with real wrinkles, rolls of grease, and imperfect teeth – not the filtered version. Or how exciting it is to stand on a real mountain and be afraid.

As great as the escape can be: You come back to life when you put the sensors down, and anyone who claims that young people in particular are spending more time in the digital world should be sitting their child at the edge of the field playing hockey. on ice or take it to a cliff Drive the sea.

Virtual reality is going to be a big deal – if only because the visionaries of Silicon Valley say so and we are conditioned to swallow whatever they put in front of us. The only salvation might be that, as some conspiracy theorists claim, we’ve been living in a simulation for a long time. But Zuckerberg doesn’t know either, shhh, we won’t know until a little while before Christmas; then the new Matrix movie appears. In real movie theaters, where the person behind you throws popcorn, the couple are kissing in front of you and they talk all the time. Wonderful, this reality.

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