Luca app in Berlin: “We can’t work with it sensibly” – economy

The Luca app is designed to help track contacts. But the Berlin-Neukölln health department accuses developers of ignoring the issues, fooling them with numbers – and intimidating critics.

By Simon Hurtz, Berlin

When rapper Smudo was with Anne Will in February, everything seemed very simple: “I’m going to the train with Luca, beep, check in, check out. Go to the girlfriend’s house, private meeting, check in, check out.” The numbers also tell a success story: 13 federal states bought the app and are paying more than $ 20 million for hundreds of health authorities to digitally track contacts with Luca. But as millions of people register with the app, computer experts and associations like the Chaos Computer Club are rebelling. There are also criticisms from the health authorities: Neukölln’s medical adviser Nicolai Savaskan is still not working with Luca because the developers have reportedly ignored requests and security risks for months. Mesut Yavuz, who supported the introduction of Luca as an external organizational consultant in Neukölln, also experienced these problems.

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