Lohr am Main in Spessart: the future could belong to the province – the economy

The German boom is not the privilege of the big cities, the small ones also contribute to the prosperity of the country. One of these economically prosperous cities is Lohr am Main. Provincial? What a mistake.

By Joachim Käppner

The future of Germany: changes and opportunities

We are living in a time of change. What about the future of the country? What are the innovative ideas? This is the theme of the great SZ focus “Future Germany”. All articles as well as other analyzes and reports are available on this page.

You can’t say that Lohr had the best reputation in the past. Perhaps the most famous girl in town is Snow White from the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales. However, in linguistically correct times, the claim that someone belongs to Lohr did not mean that he was wanted to be in the company of the fairytale princess. What we meant was as much as: One or the other is a case for the institution. The psychiatric center which is located here and was simply called “the madman’s house”. The surrounding forests are still deep today and have long been considered the hideout of notorious Spessart thieves.

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