Logistics – AdBlue is running out – Economy

The Federal Ministry of the Economy is also concerned about the lack of AdBlue exhaust gas cleaning agent, which is necessary for many trucks and buses. “There are currently price increases there, which are also linked to the energy price debate as a whole,” a spokeswoman said in Berlin on Friday. The ministry is following this development very closely. In a letter to Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), the logistics industry warned of an “imminent supply collapse” due to the AdBlue shortage. A nationwide bottleneck would “have dramatic consequences for around 90% of truck traffic in Germany, but also for buses that depend on AdBlue,” the letter said. “The vehicles should indeed stop, because they can no longer function without Ad Blue.” At the start of 2020, AdBlue still cost 19 cents per liter, today it’s 69 cents.

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