Let’s Talk Money with Author and Pediatrician Karella Easwaran – Economics

By Inga Rahmsdorf

Karella Easwaran comes straight from her practice. A lot has happened today, says the pediatrician, many patients with the RS virus. Easwaran, 56, was born and raised in Ethiopia, lived through the civil war there as a child and went to study in Hungary. A coincidence then took her to Cologne, where she has been caring for children and adolescents for over 30 years. The doctor finds that parents’ anxiety and stress increase significantly, although many illnesses rarely occur due to vaccinations and preventive medical visits. In order to help families live more relaxed and healthier lives, she developed the “Beneficial Thinking” thinking strategy and wrote two bestsellers about it. Does she need time to arrive before the interview? Easwaran laughs. ” No I’m here ! What do you want to know ?

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