Let’s talk about money: the stand-up comedian Passun Azhand – Economy

Stand-up comedian Passun Azhand talks about his craving for electric cyclists, escaping Afghanistan and how you can live on 27 euros for two weeks.

Interview by Nakissa Salavati and Kathrin Werner

“Passssuuuun”, says Passun Azhand in one of his stand-up shows, he pinches his mouth and stretches his first name. You’re right in the middle of the party chatter that people with an immigrant background often experience: “Passsuuun, what an interesting name – where are you from? Azhand, 38, stand-up comedian from Berlin and host of the “Feelings & Shit” podcast, makes his origins a problem because he is in Germany. It is part of a growing scene of comedians taking the stage with a solo show in clubs – a culture that comes mainly from the English-speaking world. It’s funny, he says, when people have to not only laugh but also start to think.

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