How Women of All Ages Can Better Support Themselves – The Economy

By Paulina Würminghausen

Read more about women and the economy in the magazine “Plan W”

This article first appeared in “Plan W”, SZ’s women’s business magazine. Why is the term superwoman outdated? What’s the best way to save money for old age? And why do we have to rethink the travel professions? You can find answers to these questions and other interviews and portraits in the digital edition of Plan W.

Sometimes it’s silent observations that can shape a lifetime. Helma Sick’s case involved a neighbor from the small village where she grew up. She was married to an alcoholic who beat her regularly. Everyone knew that, nobody could do anything about it. Especially not the woman herself, because she was financially dependent on him. What here looks like a lonely horror story has marked the daily lives of many women in the last century. The returnees traumatized by the war, the unilateral distribution of roles, the capitalist economic miracle. To this day, the heteronormative German tax system still supports care marriage through the separation of spouses: one, mainly the man, earns significantly more than the other, mainly the woman – this is rewarded with tax breaks.

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