Horse fuel and fuel fog

Weaning is difficult and smokers are not the only ones who know it. Even without physical withdrawal, sometimes you just don’t feel like letting go of the familiar. All the more so if the farewell is not entirely voluntary. As with cars, which will soon run only on electricity instead of diesel. Not everyone finds it great right away. But how can you ease the transition to a lead-free future for oil enthusiasts? It also motivates the marketing managers of car manufacturers.

U.S. automaker Ford asked drivers of combustion vehicles what they would miss most if they had to run their cars on electricity. Marketing departments like to commission such surveys, they are allowed to come up with something that can be dramatically advertised – so they should be viewed with skepticism. According to the company’s announcement, Ford is out: people would miss the good old smell of gasoline. One in five said that by switching to an electric car, the smell, oh no: the smell of gasoline, would go away the most. In responses to the company’s question, the smell of gasoline seemed to be more popular than the smell of wine, cheese, and new books.

According to survey experts, Ford’s marketing executives then found perfume experts who mixed a scent. It smells of gasoline and – based on the Mustang as a heraldic animal – also a bit of a horse. You will probably never be able to buy the creation that was shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the mecca for riot gun enthusiasts.

But dear automakers, people don’t just have noses, they also have ears. And in the pre-E world, there was sometimes a lot going on. Sports car fans in particular may need to be weaned a little more gently from their roaring engines. With the Porsche Taycan, you can purchase an “Electric PA System”. At the push of a button, there’s a little acoustic attention for occupants and roadside people – after all, some people in their Porsches don’t just want to be seen, but also heard. It’s not daring to predict that fans of six-cylinder boxer engines are unlikely to be impressed by a mixture of electric machine roar and somewhat hoarse rumble.

Burn time can also unintentionally continue to exist in the electric car, as the Audi E-Tron recently demonstrated. In early models, the navigation system constantly showed the driver the distance to the nearest petrol station. You can do this without GPS: always follow your nose.

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