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Home office for everyone, that sounds great. However, some companies still want their employees not to work from home too much. Why companies value presence.

By Elisabeth Dostert

Home office – what now?

The new SZ series “Home Office – What Now?” highlights the good and bad about working from home, shows who is going through a particularly tough time at the home office, and describes how the world of work will change. You can find all episodes on this preview page.

Family entrepreneur Matthias Lapp is reportedly actually sitting these days with colleagues from Germany, Switzerland and Austria at Lapp’s headquarters in Stuttgart to talk about how the year unfolds and beyond. One or the other went to production to chat with colleagues. And in the evening, everyone would sit together at the gala night, Lapp said during the video call. This fall, the meeting will be held virtually for the second time due to the corona pandemic. Lapp must go directly to the company’s recording studio. And before that in the mask – straighten your hair, a little powder so that the skin does not shine in the light of the headlights. He will see the little red dot when the camera is on, but will not be able to perceive how people react to his presentations and his words. Lapp, 39, lacks real encounters.

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