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A quick hack in the laptop on the go, sure it works, but for regular work at home it’s not a solution. The most important tips to do it better.

By Helmut Martin-Jung

Home office – what now?

The new SZ series “Home Office – What Now?” highlights the good and bad about working from home, shows who is going through a particularly tough time at the home office, and describes how the world of work will change. You can find all episodes on this preview page.

The coronavirus has changed a lot, including whether or not you absolutely need to show up for office work. The forced home office phase, which got off to a somewhat chaotic start in the spring of 2020, made it clear that most office workers appreciate not having to go there all the time. With a few exceptions, however, the fulfilled dreams of a completely decentralized job were shattered. A few days at home, a few days at the office, that’s what most people want now. But if you work from home more or less regularly, you shouldn’t just squat on the company laptop – that’s not good in the long run. Here are some tips to spice up your home office without putting too big a hole in your wallet.

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